ALG&Associates LPC serves as a legal adviser not only for venture companies or small and medium-sized enterprises but also for listed companies. We deal with all sorts of corporate related legal work.

We not only conduct research on a daily basis for legal work related to finance but also for various laws such as Companies Act, Unfair Competition Prevention Act, Act on Prohibition of Private Monopolization and Maintenance of Fair Trade, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, Consumer Contract Act, Worker Dispatching Act, Subcontract Act or Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act. We provide prompt and accurate response.

We develop a legal service to reduce the burden of the corporate legal department. Our legal consulting board service will respond to questions not only from the legal department but from all other departments.

Also, judicial scriveners of ALG&Associates LPC can manage commercial registration that occurs in corporate related legal work.
Main content of Corporate Related Legal Work
-Legal work related to company formation
-Legal work related to formation of a holding company.
-Legal work related to debt finance such as bond issue.
-Legal work related to equity finance such as issuing new stocks or share option certificates
-Countermeasures for general meeting of shareholders
-Legal work related to entity conversion such as amendments of the articles of incorporation, or conversion of the company with board of directors
-Various researches related to corporate legal work
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